Below is a sampling of how customers, aged 20-65, feel about Ross and the lessons he offers. If you would like to speak with any of the people who gave these reviews, please let me know.

  • “I had had reached a plateau in self-taught bass. Hoping to learn good bass techniques and more theory, Ross turned out to be the right guy to call. He made everything very easy for me to understand and apply, particularly how music theory relates to real-life bass playing situations. He even taught me how to setup my own basses, a big money saver.  Ross is a great teacher to work with, has lots of patience and will always guide you to become a better musician. These lessons were the best musical investment I could have done. Thanks Ross!” – Adam Major
  • “Before calling Ross I had already developed a solid background in music having studied at university. I had a good grasp of theory but found that I had holes in my knowledge on how to apply all the theory to the bass. I found that the traditional music education was sorely lacking when it came to the bass guitar. I came to Ross with a pretty clear idea what I wanted to be able to do with the bass and he provided for me clear concise lesson plan that was easy to refer to and digest. I’ve learned more in a year and a half with Ross then I have in the 5 prior years elsewhere. I can now sit down with musicians I’ve never met before and immediately feel comfortable improvising in a huge variety of situations. Ross is hands down the best investment I have ever made towards music.” – Patrick Heathcott
  • Ross has been the best teacher I have ever hired ! I say this in all sincerity. His approach and professionalism made each lesson very enjoyable.” – Jean Pigeon
  • “I was a beginner, and electric bass guitar hopeful. But even being a novice, I knew that I wanted a pure bass instructor, not someone who played guitar and would teach from that perspective. I was also certain that I needed someone who would not impose a one size fits all approach. I felt music in a very special way, and the way I wanted to achieve playing it through the bass was as important to me as the end result. To my great delight, Ross is a truly special musician and teacher. His method is extraordinarily people centered. I would call it an organic approach, as he sought to first understand what music moved in me, and what type of music and rhythms most appealed to me. A roadmap of skills, techniques and study was designed just for me and my needs. From there, it was only a matter a spending some very enjoyable time with him. For me, this was not the old rigid piano lessons of my youth, but a very human approach to entering the beautiful world of musicianship. It may be a lifelong pursuit, but you can begin, or develop, or perfect your bass playing, with no better an instructor than Ross.” – Gibson Glavin
  • I am an experienced drummer who decided to take up the bass. I found Ross through word of mouth around Ottawa and he came highly recommended. Ross crafted a program that took advantage of what I already knew and focused on the theory and practical aspects of playing a harmony-based instrument. I was extremely happy that Ross teaches ergonomic playing techniques – something I needed that is overlooked by many books and teachers. I particularly liked the fact that Ross’s program is song based-the theoretical aspects were all illustrated using actual songs as vehicles (in styles that I was interested in playing).”- Louis D. Nel
  • Ross is one of the best teachers – of anything – I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He has created a program that covers every topic a professional bass player needs to know, in just the right amount of detail. He breaks each technique and concept into right-size pieces. And he uses an array of teaching innovations that just seem to make everything easier. I am convinced that I learned in 18 months what would have taken many years to learn under any other teacher. Thanks to Ross’s program, I have a lifetime of bass playing enjoyment to look forward to.” – Don Hall
  • “I bought a Bass and so desperately wanted to play and learn. With no musical experience or instrument play in my life. After going to those music stores, countless attempts to learn all over Ottawa, and having innumerable guitar teachers make me feel like I was not going to be able to play the Bass, I then found Mr. Ross Taylor. He gives you all the tools required to learn and it makes sense. No fuss no muss, it’s just about learning the music and having fun! After only a couple months with Ross he really made me understand, appreciate and enjoy playing. I am a Bass Player now.” – Paul Bergsma
  • “I’ve been playing bass for over 10 years now, but without a doubt the last 16 months while taking lessons with Ross is when I improved the most. Ross’ lessons are the best investment I’ve made in my life as a bass player. Now I can play and improvise on all kinds of music, including jazz, which I really thought would be impossible for me. Ross helped me not only in improving my bass playing, but gave me all I needed to make my way with music. He gave me very useful tips and advice about the music scene, selection and purchase of gear, efficient personal practice and band rehearsal ideas, etc. I honestly never thought I would reach the level where I am right now. ” – Nicolas Crisafi
  • “How do I feel about taking bass lessons with Ross? In a word, lucky. I started to grasp what I was getting into during our first telephone conversation. I could see the potential at that time. Ross has opened up the world of music, bass playing and musicianship for me. Ross has put together the most thorough plan that I know of. I’ve compared what I am doing with what a number of my friends are doing with music lessons and frankly, there is no comparison. The approach we are following (I say “we” because this is a customized plan that we both work with) has been tailored to my needs and goals. It covers aspects of learning music (not just bass playing) that I hadn’t imagined. I’m also impressed with the progress we have and are making. I believe I have been transformed from a “for fun” bass player who sort of knew his way around the scales and could pick up and learn a lot of songs to a musician who knows what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and why. My approach has completely changed and I believe I am truly on the road to becoming a very solid, capable bass player. And, I’m having a ball doing it.” – Rob Lethbridge
  • “The first time walking into a stranger’s house can be pretty intimidating, but it only took a few seconds to see that Ross truly is a real family man, with a caring and gentle spirit, who teaches in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Ross has been very motivating and inspiring to me. His tremendous passion for music, his knowledge of it, and his years of experience are quite evident week after week. He carefully created an individual lesson plan according to what suited my needs. He is well organized, proficient and helped me to progress quickly. Before taking lessons I thought that music was very complicated. Ross presented music to me in such a way that made it both fun and extremely easy to learn. He has a real talent for simplifying things. Ross also provided me with thorough handouts so that I didn’t have to take notes. Ross’ bass lessons are truly a pleasant and rewarding experience” – Debbie Coderre”
  • Ross is the best music teacher I have ever had, and I’ve had a few. He also happens to be really great guy. What differentiates him is his approach. He works with his students to build a lesson plan that is directly related to their objectives. The plan is based on an innovative and interesting curriculum that he has developed and refined over many years. He always comes prepared to teach. If you decide to take lessons with Ross, you will become a better bass player.” – Martin Sampson
  • Simply put, I never progressed so much in so little time! Ross’ approach is amazingly efficient and enriching. Through friendly and casual sessions, you learn exactly what you need to know to reach YOUR goals. He will only teach you what you want to learn, so you don’t waste your time and money! Ross really takes pleasure in sharing his vast experience, and he really knows how to explain complex concepts in simple and easy to understand ways.” – Stéphane Brulotte
  • “I was trying to play bass with a guitar technique and had developed an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in my left hand. Within the span of a few lessons Ross taught me a powerful and ergonomic fret hand technique. I can now focus on playing music and not worry about injuring myself when going for the next note.” – G. Campbell
  • “I wanted to learn the proper way so I found my first teacher, but I felt I wasn’t learning that much and it wasn’t fun anymore. So I found another, Ross Taylor who is a great bass player, plays in several bands and an even better teacher. He put the love of playing the bass in me and I have not looked back since. Now I have joined Twilight, a bunch of amazing guys that have given me the chance to grow with them.” – Michel Normand
  • “I’ve done almost all my lessons with Ross online, and I’ve got to say they’re just like being in the same room as him – all you really need is a webcam, a mic, and a good internet connection. Not only are his lessons convenient, they are extremely informative and have helped me understand music theory in a very fun, friendly, and interactive way. ” – T.T.
  • “Having successfully completed Ross Taylor’s bass lessons, I now feel confident to join other musicians in both formal (band) and informal (improvisational) situations. Ross brings clarity and perspective to the role of the bass in a song, band or performance through instruction and guidance designed to balance music theory and bass technique. Thanks to Ross, I can now proudly call myself a bass player.” – Kevin Grignon
  • “I’ve been talking about learning the bass guitar for years. I’ve even taken a few classes from time to time. But it has only been over the last few months through my lessons with Ross that I have felt like I am actually making progress. Through our sessions, I now have goals to shoot for and I trust in the process we are following to achieve them. Ross is patient, well-prepared and always ready to answer my questions. But most importantly, for once I finally feel like I’m on track…building my skills as a bass player rather than collecting a bunch of random riffs haphazardly. Ross’ well-prepared lessons are a great mix of theory, technique and practical know-how.” – Mike Barker
  • I played my first gig with Conspiracy last night at Tucson’s. I had a blast. I’ve had to learn about 35 songs over three weeks to get ready for this but it was certainly worth it. I owe it all to Ross. Firstly, he helped me become a bassist that can do this and secondly he hooked me up with Conspiracy. Calling Ross to investigate taking lessons was the smartest thing I’ve ever done as a musician.” – Rob Lethbridge
  • “Ross provides a relaxed learning environment that caters to the students’ individual needs. My lessons with Ross have been very enjoyable and informative and I feel my playing will reach a level where I can choose what to play rather than have those choices confined to deficiencies in my skill level. Ross’s vast knowledge of bass playing, music, and equipment has made him one of the best teachers I have had.” – David Bartol
  • “From the moment you meet Ross it’s evident that he’s a consummate professional. While his manner is relaxed and disarming he’s a man with a plan, the plan being a well structured approach to teaching that moves you steadily towards your goals. The time I spent with Ross helped me vastly improve my technique and become a much better overall bassist. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, just starting out, or an experienced player moving to the next level, give Ross a call!” – Brian Sharpe